www.3rdivisuals.com is a business venture of 3rd i Visuals Private Limited (3iVPL).

It is a website owned by 3iVPL, which is into production and sales of various types of videos including product videos, dance and music videos, animated videos and imaging, etc.

Video(s): IDefines all forms of moving or still visual forms, in digital or analogue media and recorded images. Includes animation, real videos, virtual reality videos, GIFS and all forms of visuals otherwise.

Customer: An end-user (a person, firm, company or the legal entity) which purchases a video(s) from 3rd i Visuals Private Limited or its website www.3rdivisuals.com or www.3rdivisuals.com Authorized Distributors or www.3rdivisuals.com Authorized Dealers or www.3rdivisuals.com Authorized Resellers or www.3rdivisuals.com Authorized Online Resellers.

What is covered:

  • - Preparation of script, screenplay, storyboard as per the agreed terms

  • - Production of animation or shoot and editing as agreed mutually.

  • - Pre-recording of voice overs, audio capture and synching as required by the video.

  • - Modifications in the screenplay, supers, and animations as the case maybe.

What are not covered:

  • - Changes in the basic script or the story board after client’s approval

  • - More than one request of changes in the final video

  • - Change of gender of the voice over or the model used, if any.

Support Offered:

  • - Customer can claim adapts up to 2 times within the first 1 week of production and delivery of the video. The decision of charging or not charging for the adapts is in the sole discretion of 3iVpL.

  • - 3iVPL reserves the right to re-engineer the video in part(s) or in full for producing other videos.

Limitation of Liability:

  • - 3iVPL takes no responsibility of the purpose or its implication of playing / airing of the video that they have made for the client

  • - Any financial, socio-economic, political or moral damages and implications of any form caused due to the usage of the video is the responsibility of the client. 3iVPL is indemnified from any such claim of damages or claims, caused implicitly or explicitly.

  • - Any claims of plagiarism, copyright violation or encroachment of Intellectual Property is not intentional and such claims or damages should be dealt with by the client, once the video is delivered to and approved by them.

Governing Laws:

Any disputes arising in connection with this Accidental Damage Protection Plan shall be governed by the laws of India. The courts of Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over disputes arising hereunder.

Getting Service:

To get service, visit our website www.3rdivisuals.com or email us at info@3rdivisuals.com

Cancellation or Return:

We take payment from the client only after the video production is completed and delivered.

Video(s) once made and delivered to the client, cannot be cancelled or returned nor refunded.

Territory of Coverage: